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TekTile: Using Technology For The Perfect Tile


Porcelain tile can be a great way to give walls and floors a unique finish, and thanks to M S International Inc.’s (MSI) new TekTile, the options for those designs appear to be almost endless.

TekTile is a brand new porcelain tile collection from MSI that pairs different ultra-fine fabric prints created using inkjet technology with Italian glazed porcelain tiles. The end result is something truly unique, a versatile and attractive tile that has the texture of fabric and can be used for a wide variety of finishes including on countertops, flooring, wall backsplashes, and more.

Highly durable and very easy to maintain, TekTile porcelain tile evokes popular fabric, linen and denim styles that will help to give any room a modern, eye-catching appearance.

Available for use in either commercial or residential buildings, TekTile is an affordable and unique way to design a room in a large range of ivory and gray hues.

Some of the TekTile styles that are currently offered include:

Crosshatch Gray or Ivory

These intersecting parallel lines offer an interesting image that works well in any room, but particularly in a bathroom as a dramatic finish for a backsplash.

Hopsack Gray or Ivory

This design is a subtle square pattern, with less prominent intersections than crosshatch. It’s an understated option that provides a perfect finish to any room.

Lineart Gray or Ivory

This series of lines is similar to the crosshatch style but the lines all follow in the same direction rather than crossing over each other. While it’s similar to the crosshatch style, it has a more artistic look – and the end result is perfect for either floors or walls.

Options for designing a room with TekTile include using tiles of the same gray or ivory, or creating a visually stunning look like mixing and matching gray and ivory tiles for an unusual floor design.

All three of the styles are available in a matte finish, and the inkjet technology involved in printing the TekTile means that it will always be produced exactly to a project’s specific requirements. The tiles are printed as 12 x 24 inches, which are then arranged together for any desired look.

These porcelain tiles work particularly well in heavily trafficked rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. They’re especially useful when used in the bathroom because of their low water absorption rate. But whether porcelain tiles are used in a bathroom, kitchen, or another type of room, they are a great choice because of the ease involved with keeping the tiles clean.

Consider a break from the ordinary when crafting a wall, floor and other types of design plans for a bathroom, kitchen, office or elsewhere and opt for MSI’s TekTile for an appearance that stands out from the usual options. After deciding to invest in these porcelain tiles, the only tough choices are which design and color would look best in a particular room. The good news is that there’s no wrong answer, and any combination will produce a winning look.