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Hints and tips for improving your home security

Autumn is a good time to review your home security, as it may not just be Halloween spooks using the darkness for cover.

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Lighting is an obvious area to consider, especially around the darker areas of the house and boundaries. Fit motion-sensitive lighting around doors, garages and gardens. Well-lit approaches from the street are off-putting to unauthorised people, whereas a broken fence in the shadows offers a more covered approach.

It is much more obvious when a house is unattended at this time of year, so fit timers for lighting indoors to give the impression of people at home, especially over holiday periods.

Secure the Perimeter

Mend the fences and lock access gates, the shed and garage with sturdy padlocks – the cost of replacing the bikes, mower, DIY tools, gas barbecue and ‘junk’ is worth the cost of a padlock. Clear obscuring bushes and trees from the surroundings to improve visibility. Remove ladders – at least chain them to a sturdy drainpipe so they are useless for access. Lock away tools that could assist in a break-in.

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Household Security

Replace door locks and add security ones to main doors; replace or mend badly fitting windows and fit window locks to downstairs windows. There are a number of good suppliers of windows and doors in Dublin which could help, such as Keane Windows.

If you have just moved in, change the alarm entry code and use it every time you go out. Review the letterbox arrangements and where you throw your car keys and valuables when you come in. Move them out of sight and out of reach.

Which? magazine produces some interesting reviews of security measures for further reading:

Recovery Precautions

Marked valuables are more likely to be restored to their owner, so invest in a UV pen and mark items, record serial numbers and take photos. Review your insurance to make sure you have an adequate level of cover.

Social Conduct

Take care with social media – thieves are likely to assess their targets in more ways than a walk-past. Be discreet about your movements, holiday plans, nights out and your personal information. Be a good neighbour – join Neighbourhood Watch, especially if new to an area. You might make friends too and get involved in keeping an eye out for others.

Reliable Locksmith Service

When you are locked out of your home, or car or facing any number of other lock emergencies, a reliable locksmith service in Thornton is the one to call to come to you immediately. They are there, ready to take your call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays.

Broken keys, lost keys, needing to have an immediate locks change or re-keying done after a break in, even in the middle of the night, are just a handful of the emergency situations that a professional locksmith service handles every day. In a crisis situation, a local and mobile locksmith is never too far away to show up in a matter of minutes and help you out of a worrisome situation.


While emergency situations is the number one reason to call a local, professional locksmith who will show up, equipped with the proper tools, to help in no time; these skilled technicians who come to you also offer a convenient solution to any locks and key needs. Don’t even think of taking a door off of its hinges or having your car towed to a dealership to handle a lock or key issue. Simply call upon the help of a reliable locksmith service in Thornton who will come to you, whether you set an appointment at a time that’s convenient to you, or you need the help of an expert locksmith service in the middle of a stressful situation.

Local Locksmiths

While some national locksmith companies advertise that they offer local, mobile assistance, pay close attention to finding one who is truly located within miles or blocks of where you live. Sometimes national companies will present themselves as being local, even down to providing a local area code or phone number. However, when you really need them, your call will be directed to a national call center, and a subcontracted locksmith who may not be fully prepared will show up, often causing more damage than good. Don’t waste your time, instead find a mobile locksmith who is local and will arrive quickly equipped and trained, ready to work.

The Time To Find A Locksmith Is Before You Need Their Services

Do your research before you need emergency assistance, and then keep the number of a mobile locksmith professional you can trust on hand. When you have lost your keys, or are locked out of your home or office, you will know what to do. Don’t panic! Simply, call a trusted quality locksmith service to get you out of danger and back on course with your day.

Expert locksmith services are staffed and ready to arrive at your location, typically in less than half an hour, and in some cases with lightning fast speed. These trained technicians come ready to tackle your specific job, so there is no waiting on parts or tools to arrive to finish the work. They know how to work quickly and efficiently without charging you a fortune for the added convenience of working around your needs on location.

Don’t wait until you are in a situation where you are not thinking clearly because you are in a panic! Call a reliable locksmith service in Thornton today so when the time comes that you are in need of emergency services, you will be prepared and know who to call.