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Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

When you move to a new house , the first thing many people think of is decorating rather than worrying about security measures. Burglars strike anytime so protecting your home should be a top priority. Here are some simple things you need to do immediately to secure your new home

1. Secure the Doors

Don’t allow a burglar easily walk right into your doors. Check all your exterior doors and ensure that the frames and hinges are all in place. If your door has a mail slot, ensure that someone from the outside cannot reach through it to unlock the door. To ensure your doors are safe:

  • Install a strike plate
  • Use smart locks
  • Add a video doorbell

2. Light the landscape

Criminals, burglars and vandals don’t like being seen, so make your landscape bright to keep them off your space. Ensure you have a bright outdoor lighting. Light both you front and back yard, the pathways and the garage area. With a good outdoor lighting, you will not only put the burglars at bay but you will also prevent yourself form stumbling. To ensure the effectiveness of your outdoor lighting:

Install motion-activated lighting

Use solar-powered lights to save energy

Use an automated timer to switch the lights on and off

3. Eliminate hiding places

As much as trees and shrubs give your home an appealing look, they also give burglars a hiding place. Trim down trees and any plants that are close to your house since they offer enough cover for burglars to plan their activities. Use smaller flowers instead of bushes and trees. If your trees are near windows, trim then down, remove them or reinforce your windows with some extra security. Also, you should keep ladders and stools away, hide pricey goods, use outdoor security cameras and keep a well-trained dog that can smell danger from quite a distance.