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The Differences and Advantages of Casper and Tuft and Needle

Majority of us may not aware of the different types of mattress out there, so when we see a review on, our initial response is to be completely blown away. Yes, the fact that there are different types of foam mattress is nothing short of mind-blowing. All this time, we have possibly lived by the belief that a foam mattress is a mattress made of foam; it did not occur to us that there are many types of foam layer.

Casper is incredibly popular for its groundbreaking 4 different layers of foam construction, each plays such a significant part in the equation. Then there is Tuft and Needle, a firmer mattress with two different foam layers in its construction. To us, this is a surprising fact. Why would you stack foam layer after foam layer? What is the purpose behind it and is there a difference at all?

The concept of stacking one layer of foam after another may seem bizarre as we believe it will only result in an unstable if not too dense surface. So much for a good night’s sleep, right? However, this is cannot be further from the truth. Let’s take a look into the construction of Casper mattress and Tuft and Needle mattress, starting with the four-layered construction that is the signature of Casper.

Casper mattress offers a concept that its competitor has yet to even think about: four layers of different type and dimension of foam. With three layers of different foam as thick as 1.5-inch and the foundational bottom layer as thick as 5-inch, the manufacturer offers a unique sleeping experience. A combination of comfort from its hybrid foam and adequate contour support from its memory foam with excellent support from its third and bottom layers.

All of these foam layers are covered with a stunning blend of nylon/polyester bed cover that boasts proper airflow and breathability. It results in an incredibly comfortable snuggly feel that makes you think you are sleeping in a cocoon of clouds. But despite that fact, sleepers are guaranteed to not get hot when sleeping on it.

Now let’s see what Tuft and Needle has to offer with its two layered construction. While both layers are made of polyurethane, they do not give off the same feel let alone serve the same purpose. The top layer is a highly responsive polyurethane specially made by the manufacturer, this custom 3 inches foam layer may be firmer than Casper’s top layer, but it does not make your sleeping experience any different.

This is largely due to the fact that the custom-made foam is made with 2.9 per pound foot density which offers comfort. Its bottom layer is 7 inches in dimension and while it is meant to be the foundational layer base of the mattress, it also takes into account the sleeper’s comfort. Made sturdy yet still features an impressive 1.8 per pound foot density, providing enough support to keep the sleeper’s body properly aligned and cushion to support the sleepers, regardless of their sleeping position. Get more of this comparison on the website.