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Top 3 Best Embroidery Machines for Beginners


If you are a beginner, you may feel it difficult to design your own clothes. Well designing and adding colors to your dresses is simple if you own an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine makes it easy for you to add any of the patterns on your dresses. There is a number of brands available in the market that offer embroidery machines but all of the machines are not perfect. There are many significant elements that are missing in most of the embroidery machines. If you are planning to purchase one, then you are at the right place. This article will reveal some of the Top 3 Best Embroidery Machines that are available in the market for the beginners.

  1. Brother LB6800PRW – Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners

Brother LB6800PRW is a part of the list of best embroidery machines available in the market. It is simple for you to learn embroidery by using this machine as a complete set of manual and tutorials are there to teach you. Along with the embroidery machine, there are 67 stitches sewing and 98 functions of stitching are included. You can add beautiful embellishments to your dresses for making it different from the other. 120 frames, 70 patterns, and almost five fonts are included in the machine so that you can get help from all these. However, if you are not satisfied with any of the designs available then you can insert USB in the machine for using other designs.

  1. Brother SE1800 – Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1800 is another member of the family of the best embroidery machines. As a beginner, it is easy for you to use the patterns and stitches that are part of the machine. The embroidery area is equal to 5×7 inches so that it becomes easy for to draw any kind of pattern on the dress. The machine consists of the multi-position hoop so that you can easily manage any of the embroidery designs. There are 136 designs built-in in this machine so that you have a large variety to choose from. Along with all these, USB port is also available so that you can increase the number of designs available for you.

  1. Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE500 is also a better option for beginners’ due to a great list of features that are included in it. no matter how large the material is you can easily design it by using this machine. A Worry-free Needle Threader is installed in the machine which is automatic so that you will not have to use any other element for this purpose. The starter kit is also included in the package so that you will not have to purchase threads and needle separately. An LCD display is also a part of this machine full of tutorials. You can watch tutorials and can learn from those. The embroidery area is almost equal to 4×4 so that you can rotate the piece of cloth easily on the area.