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Ways Of Preparing The Best Venison

Venison is the healthiest red meat. When prepared well, its texture, health benefits, and texture exceed all red meat. Venison has lesser fat and cholesterol and it has a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids as well. I love cooking venison for my family, I can say it is my family’s staple food and they love it especially because I cook it well.

Here are 4 things you should know about cooking venison:

  1. Don’t overcook

Overcooked venison makes it elastic-ish, it becomes chewy just like gum, yuck! Unless you are serving tender venison cuts braised or mixed with pork, then always serve it rare. If you are the type who forgets meals are cooking in the kitchen, then choose a cooking method or equipment that is slow in cooking; dadgum barbecue can be the best method for you.

  1. Match the texture of the cut with the cooking method.

Tough cuts need tougher methods of cooking that will take longer and involves long time of cooking at high or medium heat, while tender cuts require shorter cooing methods with less heat. Tender cuts can be heat grilled, seared, stuffed or trussed.

Tougher cuts like the neck, shoulder, and muscles can be stewed or braised. If the tough cuts are marinated before cooking, then cook it the same way you would do with the tender cuts.

  1. Don’t treat venison as beef

Don’t cook deer like you would do with beef. Deer meat has less fat than beef. deer feed on herbs, grass, and other plants while cattle feed consume corn and diets full of grain, this makes their flavors very different. Deer meat is deeply flavored no wonder their high prices in restaurants.

  1. use dry ingredients to marinade

Dry rubs will break down the enzymes making the meat tender. Other tenderizers will end up making the meat mushy. My marinades have salt, ginger or coffee.

Benefits of Using Silk Artificial Flowers

It does not matter whether we are introverts or the weirdest people in the universe, when it comes to plants we are seduced by them. Flowers, whether real or artificial still instill some sense of peace in our homes and workplaces.

Artificial flowers still offer us the same desired results as real flowers. If you live in the neighborhood, then you can find artificial plants in Melbourne and mix them with some real flowers and trust me when I tell you that people will never know the difference. The following are some of the benefits of buying silk artificial flowers;

Unlike real flowers, you can be sure that this one will not die out or wilt anytime soon. A big advantage if you are an economical person.

Talking of economics, do you know that you can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands by just buying artificial flowers? Do the math and you will thank me later.

Silk flowers do not lose their texture even when they are 6 months old. They also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Unlike real flowers that are seasonal, these flowers are available throughout the year. Other benefits are that they are always new and never lose their texture.

With silk flowers, you are sure that they will last for a very long time and to add things up you get to protect your family as they do not have any pesticides. This means that they are non-allergic and hence safe to use in your sitting or in a hospital.

One of my favorite reasons why I prefer artificial silk flowers is that it is very difficult for you to know they are not real flowers.

Silk flowers are ideal for a family setting as they will always enlighten the room.


4 Home Improvement Projects That Can Make Your Home More Efficient

Home improvements aren’t just for making it more aesthetically pleasing, they are also designed to help your home use less energy. Less energy means less money spent in the long run. We are exploring four different types of projects that can save you money on your heating, cooling, water, and electric use.

Replace Those Old Windows

Windows are the one place where the cold and heat can make its way into the home, causing you to crank the AC or heat to even out the temperature. Changing your windows can solve that problem quickly. The one thing you don’t want to use is aluminum windows because the aluminum conducts the outdoor temperature right into the house. Look for well-constructed vinyl, wood, or wood-clad (a mix of vinyl and wood) to get the most out of your window. However, we have to note that for rainy climates aluminum is your best option because it keeps the weather out. You should research window service and supply options in your area, such as window replacements in the Portland area, to learn more about which windows are the best option.

Add The Solar Panels

If your home is not shielded by trees and you get even just a little bit of sun a day, solar panels are going to be your best friend. Firstly, it can reduce your electric bill by naturally harvesting the energy of the sun and using it within the home. If you live in an area in which you get quite a bit of sun, or it’s rarely cloudy or rainy, you could easily eliminate your need for traditional electric service. There are also tax credits and rebates you can indulge in to help offset the cost. It’s also a completely eco-friendly option by eliminating your contribution to greenhouse gases, reduce your dependence on a fossil fuel, lessen your impact on air pollution, and reduces your impact on water pollution (derived from using traditional electric service).

Swap Showerheads

Water usage in the home is one of those things that can rack up quickly. Between showers, baths, toilets flushing, washing dishes, and running the washing machine, we use a lot of water in the average American home. Taking a shower is one of the biggest water usages in the home and yet we need to stay clean. Rather than reduce the number of times you shower, switch out your showerheads with newer ones that are designed to have a lower flow. You don’t worry about a massive change to your shower routine, the tech has improved and you can find several brands that use less water but you can’t tell any difference.

Opt For Outdoor Solar Powered Lighting

Of course something solar powered would hit the list again! This time we want to highlight some lighting options that use solar power to keep your electric bill down. Rather than keeping your porch light on all night long, line your walkway with solar powered lights. They soak up the sun all day and work all night to illuminate your entrance. Rather than put up white Christmas lights around the patio out back, you can find some that use up the sun and keep things bright as you enjoy a summer evening. If you have those motion-detected security lights around your property, look for the solar option instead. They work just as well and cost considerably less.

There are lots of ways to make your home more efficient and cost you less each year. These are just a few to get you started. Feel free to share with us your own ideas!

Why is It Important to Regularly Clean Your Roof?

As a roof cleaning Wigan company, we know the importance of maintaining your home’s roof. It’s a part of homes that is often forgotten about and rarely made a part of regular cleaning schedules.

However, it is possibly one of the most important parts of your home as it provides the shelter over your head. Therefore, it is important that you regularly clean and apply moss removal Wigan techniques.

Just clean are here to tell you why it is important that you clean and maintain your home’s roof and share some tips for caring for your roof through this blog post.

Avoid Build Ups of Foliage and Other Debris

Regularly cleaning your roof avoids the build up of debris such as foliage, animal waste and other potential block to your guttering. As well as this, the build up of muck and dirt upon roofs can pose a real problem as it has the potential to rot and decay materials included within your roof.

Build ups of foliage and debris within your guttering can lead to overflows and the blockage of drains. By cleaning your roof regularly, you can void both of these potential problems.

Problem Fungus Build Ups

Build ups can come in the form of leaves, animal muck and much more but the type of build up you need to be extra vigilante to is fungus. Moss, Algae and Lichen have the potential to grow upon the surfaces of your roof and cause you a headache.

Fungus can be a truly unsightly mess upon your roof and has the potential to make your home appear unkempt.

Fungus if left untreated can also have an adverse effect on the roof itself, causing structural damage as well as stains to your roof.

Moss Removal Wigan

In order to combat this, it is bets to hire a roof cleaning Wigan company that can carry out regular moss removal Wigan on your behalf. This way you can battle fungus before it becomes a problem.

We can fully remove all build ups of moss and help mitigate further build ups through the use of fungicides after the removal has finished.

Protect the Value of Your Home

Combatting build ups and potential damaging factors to your roof through a regular roof cleaning Wigan schedule, will protect the value of your home. Many do not clean their home’s roof until it becomes a problem at which point often the damage build ups have caused is irreversible.

To stop this from happening to your roof, hire a roof cleaning Wigan company that can maintain your roof through moss removal Wigan.

Contact Your Roof Cleaning Wigan Company Today

If your roof is in need of a clean or a moss removal Wigan treatment, contact us today. We can help you restore your roof to its former condition as well as combat against further build ups or damage.

Get in touch for a free and friendly chat as well as a no obligation quote today.

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Six tips when buying designer radiators

Designer radiators provide rooms with a wonderful sense of warmth in ways that can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic and ambience of your home.

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In recent years, radiators have gone from being practical utilitarian afterthoughts to key design pieces that can make a genuine difference to the value of a property.

As there are a variety of different styles from which to choose, including panel, convector and column radiators, here are a few things to consider to ensure you make the right selection for you and your home.

Installation location

The first thing you should think about is the placement of your radiator. Your ideal choice of bathroom radiator, for example, is likely to look very different to the style you might choose for your bedroom or main living space.

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Water heated or electric?

Both electric and water heated radiators have their own unique benefits. Electric radiators typically cost more to run but are often easier to install, whereas water heated radiators provide a uniquely warm and moist type of heat that circulates well throughout a room.


Designer radiators are often ideal for irregularly-shaped spaces due to the sheer number of stylish options available in an array of sizes. If space is at a premium, considering a designer or made-to-measure option will help you to obtain your desired look without overwhelming your room.

Room size and configuration

If you have a particularly large room to heat, you might need more than one radiator. Spend some time considering the configuration of your space to determine whether one or more radiators will heat your room in the best and most efficient way.

Cast iron or aluminium radiators?

Cast iron radiators are heavy and can take some time to fully heat up; however, they do retain heat extremely well and have a very specific aesthetic that might suit your home perfectly.

On the other hand, the contemporary and sculptural nature of aluminium radiators from specialists such as means they are lighter and heat up quickly and efficiently.


Entering the dimensions of your room into a British thermal units (BTU) calculator will help you to accurately determine how much heat you need your radiator to emit. This will also help you to decide whether to opt for a single or double-sided style.