Five Types of Decorative Concrete Everyone Should Know About

Concrete is one of the best and most comfortable materials to procure for construction. Decorative concrete is becoming more and more popular every day. Concrete can be decorated through various ways. It may be by the use of paint or additional designs to the surface. It is cheap, and yet it will give any structure in your home a refined and sophisticated look.

Listed below are some of the types of decorative concrete you will come across.

  1. Stamped concrete

This is concrete that is designed to appear as other flooring surfaces like brick, slate, wood, and tiles. Constructors achieve this look by changing the color, patterns, and texture of concrete. The best thing about stamped concrete is you can never run out of options on how to design it. This decorative design is ideal for exterior spaces, but you can use it in your interior too. Do not fret once it starts to fade. Stamped concrete is easily restorable.

  1. Painted concrete

Painted concrete? You would be surprised by how easy it is to get an extravagant look by painting your concrete surfaces. Of course, with the right guidance. You can play around with colors and patterns that suit your ideas. This will save you from costs of installation of tile or marble surfaces, yet attain an equally appealing look.

  1. Stained concrete

The main difference between painted and stained concrete is that stained involved rich injection of color into the concrete. Stained concrete also lasts longer than paint. The solid color of paint is not what acid staining achieves. It produces an exceptional translucent look that will give your floors that vibrant finish.

  1. Polished concrete

This type of decorative concrete utilizes whatever is already there. A mechanical grinder is used over the surface to remove layers of concrete until the desired look is achieved. Other materials can be used to give the outcome a unique elegance, which is usually highly glossy.

There are more decorative concrete designs that you can use in your home. visit to find out more on the other decorative concrete designs you can choose from.