Being a professional and dedicated cook, you will have more than one dozen different types of kitchen knives. Any good chef has to use specific knife structured for particular tasks. Using a blade for its precise job relieves the chef’s mind from unnecessary calculations and envisioning. You will realize that kamikoto offers a range of kitchen knives in different styles, sizes, and shapes. You can always get the specific knife for your task from them. The following types of blades are available for various purposes.

  1. Chef knife

The chef knife is also referred to as a cook’s knife. The knife has a long and broad blade with a straight edge. It gets wide towards the heel, narrowing down to a finely sharp tip. The curved blade of the knife makes it rock back and forth on a chopping board. The cook’s knife is amid the most multipurpose knives in the kitchen. It is an excellent deal for chopping and shredding tasks.

  1. Utility knife

The utility knife is a bit smaller and slimmer but of the same shape as the chef knife. Some have a sharp tip that points up towards the spine. The utility knife is ideal for chopping vegetables and smaller foods. It carries most of the chef knife characteristics except that it is more useful when working with smaller food items.

  1. Paring knife

The knife is shorter and slim with an evenly sized blade and a pointed tip. It is light and hence used for light work of harder foods. The knife can also be used to cut, chop and slice fruits and vegetables. At times, they get used in a multitude of kitchen tasks.

  1. Bread knife

The bread knife has a long and evenly sized blade with a sharp serrated edge. The bread blade is intended for softer items. The groove edge allows the user to cut through weaker textures without crushing them out of shape. It is perfect for sawing through all kinds of bread.