Acrylic House Render: Why Render Your House with Acrylic?

Acrylic rendering is just one of many render options available on the market. Every homeowner wants to have a house with a fabulous yet attractive interior. You should be happy because nowadays there are various options available on the market and one of them is the wall render. Acrylic is available on the market to render your wall and exterior fa├žade. This material offers great durability and aesthetically pleasing look at the same time. In this article, we are going to show you several important facts about acrylic and why you need to consider this method for your home.

Anything you need to know about acrylic render

Talking about rendering your home by using acrylic, the process will be not too different from plastering your home by using cement. The main yet essential difference is only on the material. Other than that, acrylic consists of more plastics compared to cement.

Acrylic is basically a simple yet flexible material, which can be applied on various surfaces in various ways. You can even roll the acrylic on the wall, spray them, or just towel them onto the surface to apply it. Using acrylic would increase the strength and durability of the render compared to other regular render materials. Acrylic is able to bring and mix together the cement mix so they will be secured so tightly.

As a result, the surface of the wall would be hard to crack or even peel. Other than that, acrylic involves two parts of coatings so you can have different shades or colors on your wall even if the materials used are literally the same. If you are not so sure with what you want, it may be the right time for you to take a look at the work of Adelaide House Rendering.

Why should we use acrylic?

Actually, there are a bunch of benefits offered and provided by this material for your house render. Besides known as the cheapest plaster option on the market, acrylic offers an excellent level of durability. It resists cracks and peels through its flexibility. In the end, any natural movement and expansion that could lead to weird contraction would not end up with ugly cracks. It is very possible to have an amazing exterior look from time to time.

Acrylic is also able to be used in various types of substrates. Despite concrete, acrylic can be applied on fiber cement, painted walls, and even timber along with other surface materials. Having traditional renders without sacrificing versatility can be achieved by using acrylic renders.

Acrylic also offers various finishes that can be gained by applying different techniques as well. The most common choice might be smooth finishes but you are allowed to create your own preferable textures. Other than that, acrylic requires a shorter time to dry compared to other materials available on the market. Also, you do not need to wait for the summer to apply the plaster. So, if you want something cheap but stunning for your exterior wall rendering, acrylic should be on your list.