Useful Tips for Pressure Washing the Concrete Driveway

Cleaning your dive away can go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic value of your compound. The best way to clean your concrete driveway is by the use of a pressure washer. You should regularly clean the driveway because it is more prone to dirt since it is often used by cars and people.

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This article will give you some crucial tips for cleaning your concrete driveway.

Prepare the driveway

You should ensure that you have prepared the area to be cleaned, well enough before you begin the actual cleaning. You can achieve this by scrubbing the driveway with a hard brush so that you can get rid of loose dust and other debris. You should also make sure that there is no car that’s still on the driveway while you are cleaning.

Apply a grease remover

A degreaser is essential in ensuring that stains do not build up and makes it easy to remove existing ones. You can either apply the degreaser manually or use a pressure washer that has an attachment for applying degreasers.

Have the pressure washer prepared

You should go through the pressure washer’s manual before using the machine if it is your first time. You can now put the parts of the pressure machine together after understanding how to use it. It is important to have your pressure washer serviced if it has been in use for long.

Start washing your driveway

You should begin by applying a detergent on spots of about ten to fifteen inches apart. You should ensure that the entire driveway has been covered and then leave the detergent to work for ten minutes before you rinse it away.