Which type of door handle to front door?

When we buy the door from appreciated door manufacturer, we do not always think about the handles. Choosing the right door handle will prove to be important not only for visual reasons. Properly selected looks aesthetically as part of the showcase of our house or flat, and with ingenious additions will be complementing the entrance to our place.

What should the door handle be?

The door handle should look solid enough so that along with the door it would form a certain boundary between the outside world and the interior of our house. Just as the doors are divided into classes in terms of vulnerability to burglary, the same is true of the door handles, although more attention is paid to the degree of resistance to the door handle for exterior door breaks in the choice of doors and locks. In the case of external doors, we have a greater selection of door handles than in the case of internal doors – a traditional door handle is involved, as well as a knob and accessories such as a door knocker or door knockers that, although located not directly at the door, can harmonize with them.

What shape to choose?

As the handle should be comfortable to use, a streamlined model will work best. All kits, which are decorated with sophisticated, modern-looking handles, will be felt during everyday contact with the door. Depending on our preferences, we can decide on a door handle with a long or short key. In this case the second element, i.e. the rosette, should be adapted to the upper part.

Materials and colours

Among the materials used to make door handles we have a large selection of metals and brass castings, but hard wood, glass or … crystals are also at stake. Often the main material used is metal (for example brass), which, because it does not look like other metals, is coated on the top with, for example, brushed nickel. Brass casts can also be silver plated, or gold-plated. Another popular material is aluminium and its alloys – with zinc or copper. To strengthen the aluminium, we could use the anodizing, i.e. coating with oxide because of the electrochemical process. This type of coating is characterized by less sensitivity to corrosion and greater hardness, it is also more aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the touch.

Not just door handles

We can decorate the exterior door with a handle. In its place the knob will look just as good. It can be rotatable or fixed, and on the other hand, the door will be mounted on the inside, connected to the handle knob. And here we have a lot to choose from, of which we will certainly choose a matching look and shape to the front door. The most sophisticated knobs are made of crystal – with a lacquer finish with high abrasion resistance – or even a hand-painted diamond.

Choosing the handle, we must remember that many depends on quality of door manufacturer (or wooden door manufacturer – as you wish). We must try to choose only the best solutions, like http://www.pol-skone.co.uk/products/exterior-doors to be sure that our house will be our castle.