5 Essential Things to Take a Note before Renting a House


For some reasons, people may be more interested to look for the real estate for rent rather than buying them. Probably, their jobs require them to move from one place to another so that renting a house seems more effective. The good news about this habit is that now there are many home developers that offer you fancy houses only to rent.

However, you should also be careful in choosing the home or real estate. At least, there are 5 things to take a note before signing the contract. What are they?

Make a list

If you don’t have enough time to go around and look for renting houses directly, the online property sites are very helpful. You can even see the houses anywhere along with the descriptions and complete specifications.

Sure, you must not see one or two houses only. It is important to make a list for at least around 5 houses you think it is suitable for you in term of the size, design, and environment. Next, spare your time to see those 5 houses to make sure whether their conditions are in line with your expectations or not.

Learn about a good and healthy house

Not all of you are the experts in term of the homes and properties. But it doesn’t mean that you know nothing about this matter. Add your knowledge in term of the home and property by learning and reading more.

In this digital information era, it should not be a big deal anyway. There are many articles that are ready to read. If it is possible, you can visit the home and property experts to find get more information, insight, and suggestions.

Check the home conditions

After making list and learning about the houses, it is the time to conduct a survey. Check the houses you visit carefully whether they are good and healthy enough or not. See also the environments, is it suitable for you? Is it near the public facilities you need? Is it reachable by public transportation and so on?

The checking is not stopped there. Inside the home, you must know well whether there is any damage or not. If the damage is found, it is definitely your right to get a discount or ask the owner to repair it for you.

 Discuss the price

You are indeed not suggested to bargain the rental price too much. Of course, you must pay much if it is compatible with what you will find. That’s why; it is essential also to learn about the price of rental home and the real estate nowadays. This way, you can pay with without being disadvantageous for any other sides.

Talk also about the way to pay the cost to the owner. There are mainly two kinds of paying period; they are annually or monthly. Whatever it is, you should not feel burdened with it.

Make a deal about the home treatment

Lastly, you need to make a deal or contract regarding the home treatment. Ideally, the treatment is still under the responsibility of the home owner. If there is a case when you need to pay the bill, it means that the cost of the house rental must be discounted.