Flooring Advice

Some individuals think that the most stressful times in life is moving into a new home. The most stressful part of moving into a house can be selecting the flooring as there are multiple shades, styles and textures on offer. Hopefully this article will help you make the decision of choosing your flooring a lot quicker, allowing you to move straight in.

Laminate flooring is a very popular flooring option as it is cheap, looks amazing and is so easy to install. Moving into a new house can be expensive and laminate flooring is one of the cheapest options of flooring on the market. As laminate flooring is topped with a photographic layer it means that varieties of products and shades are able to be manufactured. The majority of laminate flooring has a click joining method, making it easy to install with the majority of fitters able to install around 1,000 square feet per day.

If you are looking for comfort underfoot then installing carpet is a suitable option, however if you are messy then carpet stains can be a nightmare. Carpet can easily become dirty and very hard to clean, so if you know you’re a dirty person then order a dark shade of carpet. The price of carpet is always difficult to judge as it can vary depending on material and pile height. The general rule is the higher the pile the more expensive the carpet will be as it feels comfier under foot.

The main benefit of installing carpet and laminate is that it is an extremely clean job, unlike the next option which can make quite a mess with dust ending up everywhere.

Real wood flooring looks great and immediately adds value to your house, in case you were ever wanting to sell your house in future years. The main two types of real wood flooring are solid or engineered. We would always recommend engineered wood flooring as it replicates solid wood, however as it is constructed using a plywood core, the price is cheaper. Installing real wood flooring is easier than you would imagine, however it can easily go wrong, therefore acquiring a flooring fitter or a well-trained DIYer is always advised.

When cutting real wood flooring you can get sawdust everywhere therefore it is important to cover all valuable possessions that you do not wish to be covered in dust.

After all this advice, make sure you go with your dreams and pick flooring based on your specifications, not because someone told you one option was nice. A house is to be lived in and a location you will spend a lot of your time, therefore it has to be right!