Decorative Ideas to Add Character to your Room

Making very simple changes to a room can easily add a bit of character to it.  People sometimes think that internal home improvements are extremely expensive and difficult to do however it doesn’t have to be.  You can do some really simple thing to spice things up a bit at low prices and by making simple changes. Whether it is a bedroom, study or kitchen you are looking to make slight changes to you, there are easy decorative things you can do that will make a change.  Below we have come up with some suggestions for you to consider.

Revise the Interior Lighting

You would be very surprised as to how the interior lighting can make such an impact on your homes mood and how easily it is to actually make that change.  You could look at changing some of the light completely and consider lamps by Pagazzi.  These come in all shapes and sizes and all price ranges.  You may even wish to move away from lamps in your home and go for spotlights.  Again – this may sound complicated but you could get an electrician to come to your home and do this for a really good price.  If you are happy with the current lamps you have got, you could change the amount (or even colour) of light that it omits. Consider getting a dimmer switch which would probably have the greatest impact or even look at the nifty lighting apps that are around that allow you to make lighting changes instantly in any room.


If you are someone that has an appreciation of art then you could look to refresh your artwork in a room to make an impact. Even if you are not a big fan of art, it may be worth taking a look at this.  If you think of how much a picture in a room makes an impact then it is usually quite significant. You can decide to go for some typical pictures or look at more modern art options.  Art can be extremely creative and a picture with lots of vibrant colours will definitely change the mood in a room.  You can get art in all sizes but it can also be pretty expensive depending on what it is you actually go for. You do not have to head on down to an art store to get good quality work – you could take a browse on the internet and see if you can get a good deal.  In respect to pictures, another option may to actually add some family pictures (or even portraits) to your walls which will bring an element of personalisation.


Most people seem to be moving away from carpets and are going for flooring.  Clearly carpets need an element of upkeep and they can be ruined quite easily if they are not taken care of.  If you have pets running about the home then it can be an even greater challenge to keep the carpet in good condition.  Despite this, if you can keep a carpet in good working order, it may be time for a change. You can get carpets of all different colours and designs and a lot of money doesn’t have to be spent on this.  You can get carpets at competitive rates especially during the autumn time when it is running up to Christmas and some retailers put on early sales.  Installing a carpet yourself can be quite a challenge therefore if you are not an expert on this allow the experts to do this to ensure a good quality job is completed.