Warning Signs That your House Is Pest Infected

Sadly, most people do not realize that they live in a pest infected house until it is too late. Pets should be identified immediately and exterminated before it is too late. There have been instances where a homeowner is forced to bring down the entire house as it is in a state of no repairer.

Active pests

This is the first sign that you should never ignore. The most common pests are cockroaches that are found mainly in the kitchen. Once you identify the pest you should visit http://www.tricountypestcontrolfl.com/ immediately as they will be able to help you.

Dead Bugs

Bugs die once they outlive their cycle. It is common to see one or two dead bugs. However, if you see more than two dead bugs in the same place then the bugs have made your house their home.

Search for Signs of Nesting

This is where the search for mice and rats begin. Places to start your search include; behind kitchen appliances, inside dark cabinets and dark corners. If you find torn papers and you are sure it is not your baby then you probably have a rat in your house.

Pest Products in Your New House

If you recently moved in and you found pest products then you are in deep trouble. This means that the previous owner was trying to solve a pest problem and now the problem has been transferred to you.

Odd Sounds and Smell

At times, you might hear some funny noise inside your cabinet. Do not worry as this is not witchcraft but a pest problem. Where there are rats, you will feel an ammonia-like smell while mice produce a urine-like smell.

Hollow or Damaged Wood

Termites love wood and they are most probably having a feast in your house. Termites are very destructive and should be contained immediately.