Six tips when buying designer radiators

Designer radiators provide rooms with a wonderful sense of warmth in ways that can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic and ambience of your home.

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In recent years, radiators have gone from being practical utilitarian afterthoughts to key design pieces that can make a genuine difference to the value of a property.

As there are a variety of different styles from which to choose, including panel, convector and column radiators, here are a few things to consider to ensure you make the right selection for you and your home.

Installation location

The first thing you should think about is the placement of your radiator. Your ideal choice of bathroom radiator, for example, is likely to look very different to the style you might choose for your bedroom or main living space.

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Water heated or electric?

Both electric and water heated radiators have their own unique benefits. Electric radiators typically cost more to run but are often easier to install, whereas water heated radiators provide a uniquely warm and moist type of heat that circulates well throughout a room.


Designer radiators are often ideal for irregularly-shaped spaces due to the sheer number of stylish options available in an array of sizes. If space is at a premium, considering a designer or made-to-measure option will help you to obtain your desired look without overwhelming your room.

Room size and configuration

If you have a particularly large room to heat, you might need more than one radiator. Spend some time considering the configuration of your space to determine whether one or more radiators will heat your room in the best and most efficient way.

Cast iron or aluminium radiators?

Cast iron radiators are heavy and can take some time to fully heat up; however, they do retain heat extremely well and have a very specific aesthetic that might suit your home perfectly.

On the other hand, the contemporary and sculptural nature of aluminium radiators from specialists such as means they are lighter and heat up quickly and efficiently.


Entering the dimensions of your room into a British thermal units (BTU) calculator will help you to accurately determine how much heat you need your radiator to emit. This will also help you to decide whether to opt for a single or double-sided style.