Moving to Spain

Spain has long been the choice destination for holidaymakers and retirees alike. There are a number of reasons for this. Here are our top picks for why you should choose Spain as your next holiday destination or home:

The Spanish climate

Spain is a large country and depending on the region you have chosen, you may experience a much different climate than you are used to. In the North, the climate consists of mild winters and warm summers. In the South though, it can get very hot. Central Spain tends to experience extremes of hot and cold.

The cost of living in Spain

Many consider one of the many perks of relocating to Spain is the cost of living. If you eat like a local, you will save money. Avoiding tourist areas will also save you money. Housing and utilities, on the other hand, can be quite expensive depending on your needs.

Speak the lingo

You may want to brush up on your Spanish, enroll in a course to learn the basics before you arrive. There are areas where many people do not speak English and you will find that a short course or two will give you an advantage. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a job in Spain.

Healthcare in Spain

Spain has a national health service. Here residents receive free or low-cost healthcare. Some EU countries and their member states are also entitled to this privilege. Those who work in Spain and contribute to the National Insurance also have access to this service. Private healthcare is also available through various medical schemes in the country. If you are only looking at a short visit check if you are covered with your healthcare provider.

Buying a property

The last thing you want happening is a misunderstanding when you are in the process of buying a property in Spain. Enlist the services of an advisor, particularly someone who specializes in Spanish Law.

Transportation tips

If you are looking at moving items across Spain, should you have chosen to move to the country, the most common method to do this is by road? If you are moving to a city it may be helpful to remember that there are a number of very narrow streets and if you have hired a truck, it may not be able to pass through those streets. Spain is also known for its strict parking regulations which will make some areas much more difficult to access than others.

Another aspect to take into consideration when you move to Spain is taking your household items with you. When you move you can choose between either a direct load, which is far more expensive but you will have the truck to yourself or a Shared load. With a shared load the moving cost is shared between two or more people. While it may be cheaper, you may also find that you will have to stop four or five times during your move to offload other people’s property.