Mixing Interior Trim

Are you racking your brains how to separate the area between the walls and ceiling or floor?! Are you looking for a new look for your interior, a glimpse of sophistication and elegance in details without paying much money?! Have you done DIY project and now need to disguise those shameful visible cutting details of paper or paint? Do not move walls to create a new look for a room. Thankfully, you can alter your decor by working with much more manageable details: baseboard and crown moulding installation. There is a wide range of options of baseboards and crown mouldings in Toronto that will help your project running soft. Nowadays it has become simpler to find pre-made designs.

When you install crown molding and baseboards, pay attention to their size. They may not be identical, but should be similar, proportional to the ceiling’s height and the size of the room. The larger the room and the taller the ceiling, the wider moldings should be. But the two of them must be a perfect pair in terms of size and style.

  • The marriage between crown moulding and baseboard is the best ever. Even without wainscoting panels these two trims make the perfect pair.
  • Using trims over the bedroom closets or kitchen cabinets create what we call a “cabinet soffit”, which is unattractive and often dark. If there is enough space, you can install cove crown molding along with cove lighting. It is a great idea over bookcases or bathroom cabinets.
  • If a section of the wall where we often install picture rails is protruding, crown moulding can close the unattractive gap and create a soft transition from one part of the wall to the next.
  • Doors and openings are also trimmed to create a visual interest to each entry point within the house.

If you consider of hiring a professional or make crown moulding or baseboard installation by yourself, think about tedious work, lack of necessary tools, improper measurements, overspending, piles of building material and bad choices. If you are handy and patient, have level floors, ready to deal with the hassle of measuring and cutting trim, the project is not too big, then you could install yourself. Certainly, the choice between a professional or DIY job largely depends upon your skill level and financial considerations. Hiring a specialist provides you first-class skilled performance along with seamless and easy installation.