What is the Cost to Install Drywall?

Drywall is a popular, easy and affordable way to change your homes, multiunit buildings, basement ceilings, commercial properties or offices after new construction or remodeling. It can be done as a DIY project, but more often professional installation is recommended. Contractors and drywall specialists tackle drywall installation not only for installing ceiling drywall, but for garage finishing bonus room finishing, basement finishing and entire interiors on new construction jobs. In addition, these experts can help with any repairing or installation of ceiling – to remove popcorn ceiling, to install drop ceiling, prevent and eliminate water damage or hole repair. Most are skilled at taping and sanding joints, spraying texture, removing old or damaged drywall and replacing it with one. Experienced drywall contractors can give more accurate bids for drywall projects.

On average drywall installation estimates about $1.50 per square foot for 2018. Unlike other materials and projects, the pricing for basic drywall installation rarely varies very significantly.

Drywall installation may be considered a science as well as an art form. Precise calculations are imperative for perfect installation and avoiding any risks. What factors are considered for average estimation of your project?

– measurements of your ceiling or walls.

Knowing the measurements of your walls will help to calculate the amount of drywall sheets you require.

  • size and specifications of the panels

Panels for specific purposes can vary in their thickness, size and ability to resist mold.

  • finishes and textures

Variety of coatings of paint and materials, the texture, drywall taping, joint compounds and finishes depend on your choice and the specific features of the project. 

  • room features

Difficult access to all corners, curves, arches and multiple corner will definitely raise the price of your projects to $3 per square foot, while open-plan spaces can cost as low as $1.15 per square foot.

  • location

Particular zip code fluctuate by 15% and greater especially in urban areas.

  • transportation, storing of materials and equipment costs depend on your contractor and accommodation
  • Site preparation plus costs for protection of existing structures, components, materials.
  • cleanup and disposal of waste cost
  • required time to finish the project.

Additional expenses may include replacing drywall cost, repairing work or with any hazardous materials, supervision and inspection of general contractor, non-standard type of your site and environment.