The walking closet of your dreams

Every woman has this amazing dream of owning a walking closet in her bedroom. She dreams of walking into her own personal dressing room and being able to choose the clothes that she wants to wear. However, a walking closet is not only a woman’s dream. Ideally each member of the family can have his own dressing room. But if that is not the case, which is probably the most likely thing to say, you can make or buy a wardrobe closet, place it in a room in the house and store the clothes of the whole family there.

Depending on the space you have, you can create a walking closet in the bedroom, the children’s room or even next to the entrance of your house. It does not have to be the biggest wardrobe in the world, the only thing that needs is that is able to fit at least one person to get in.

You should know that before turning a place into a walking closet, you have to organize your closet at first. Do you want to put only your stuff or other members’ of the family too?

Write the things you want to buy or to get rid of and finally the things you want to put inside the closet.

Once you’ve figured out the ideal wardrobe and its perfect organization, start with the box constructions, if you’ve decided to build it yourself, or by installing them, if you’ve bought the items that will be your walking closet’s parts. It’s the best way to store your stuff. If you stick and put labels out of the boxes you will know exactly what it is all about. For lingerie you can use boxes that have inner partitions or cut cardboards and make the partitions in the boxes you already have.

The next step is to place a coat stand. There you will hang all your bags and you will find it very easy whenever you need them. For your jewelry besides the classic jerseys, you can use a hanging hook.

Considering to the shoes, you also need to write down all the pairs of shoes that you haven’t wore for the last year and to think of who you are going to donate them to. You also need to get rid of all the old shoes that you love but you know that cannot longer wear them.

Finally, a practical idea is the basket of cloth made of fabric. If you have a walk-in wardrobe or generally if you want to create your own dressing room, you also need to use all the stuff that may seemed useless till now.

When you have an entire empty room and not knowing exactly what to put into it, the answer is obvious, especially for the ladies. Make a “dressing room”. You also create this place as your own shelter and personal space. You can put a sofa and a mirror and a comfortable chair and you can visit Wulffwinding in order to have some really interesting and helpful decorative ideas, that can transform this room to the favorite one of your house.

The only thing to do is a market research or supply timber for shelves and starts the working. Do not be afraid to close a small part of your room to make it a walking closet. You will be surprised by the capacity and organization that will always prevail in your wardrobe. You only think to buy the basic storage boxes, which are essential as well as clothing bags for all of rarely wearing clothes in order to protect them.

After having your own walking closet, you will sure feel that you are part of one of your favorite movies, where the actress was entering her own dressing room and you were feeling jealous for her. You don’t need any more!