Did you move together? Decorate your house in a great way that you will love the same

So, you finally decided to take the big decision and it is the time you and your lover are going to live together at the same house. Before you start decorating your house, it is good to know what you and your partner wants. Most people know what they want and usually have a vision of their house in a certain way. But what if your partner has imagined the decoration of your house in a different way?

In order not to be in a difficult position and argue with your lover, you should discuss and decide some things before you enter into the house.

#Embrace your differences

Once you realize you want different things, you should accept it. The best and most impressive spaces have been created by the coexistence of different styles of decoration. The most successful decorators are those who mix 2-3 styles together. So try to be open-minded and do not be afraid to take any risk. There are a lot of times when we combine the uninsulated with life, then it is all that magic happens.

# Decide what you want to ‘’fight’’ for

It is very important, when you cohabit with a man or a woman to know how to ask for what you want and to retreat to those you do not want so much. So, find out what items you want to get into your new home and try to be open minded about which way to be placed. You do not have to stay attached to the past. Life is changing and evolving. So learn how to renew and your but keeping all the essential things you want from the past. You can add all the great wall lamps you do not want to be missed all along with your brand new furniture.

# Focus on functionality

As a couple, you should definitely discuss what functionality you need. So, you need to find out how to use each room. For example, the bedroom is a place usually reserved for sleeping only. Many people, however, want to watch TV and to read too, meditate or even exercise. Create your space according to your needs.

# Show your love in your own way

It would be a good idea to avoid filling the room with proof of your love. You can however safely put decoration items that you got from trips you went together, with other elements that determine your relationship. If, for example, you are doing some common sports or have a common hobby, then you can find many common points to decorate your house in a specific way.

# Use the internet

If you feel frustrated by ideas, it’s not bad to get some fresh solutions from the internet. Get inspiration from famous houses, get ideas from blogs and decorating sites and materialize the ideas that suit you. Pinterest, in particular, has very good ideas and projects that you can do on your own.

# Create something together

When you go to a new home, you do not have to rush to decorate it quickly. Be patient and look really carefully before you decide to buy something. It is also very nice to create things with your partner. For example, instead of buying ready-made shelves for your wall, you can buy some wooden plates and make some kind of style with your partner. Those who have tried it talk about something that binds the couple, and makes them feel intimate in their new space. It is also a very good way of psychotherapy, which in our days tends to become necessary.