Best Home Improvement Apps of 2018

VR is here, and it is taking over everything including home decoration. But, it is the only technology to help you with your DIY home improvement project.

Working as a tax attorney often means long hours. But, you cannot work all day and night, every day and stay sane. You need to relax your body and mind, and you also need to refresh and reinvigorate your mind. So, while you can afford an interior décor expert, or if you aren’t there yet, why not challenge yourself to redecorate your home. You could get help and ideas from these home improvement apps. The apps could also help you with interior design guides, design inspiration, and even color matching.

WikiHow (iOS and Android for free)

You’ve probably seen articles and ‘How To’guides from your browser’s search engine result pages. It is a rich information base providing you with thousands of guides from life hacks and tech to DIY and craft projects, quick repairs, as well as nifty recipes – lord knows you will be starving from doing all that handiwork.

Since it comes with stepwise pictorials, you will be able to get your project up and running by the end of the 10, 15, or 20 steps.

DIY Tip Genius for Android and iOS

For home improvement tips, you might want to try The Family Handyman Magazine’s app. The app provides you with useful and helpful techniques, guides and pro home improvement secrets. To keep things interesting, the app comes with tips for the day, and you can mark your favorite suggestions.


This new Android app is a great source of home improvement ideas for your projects. It is a massive library of over 1.5million photos of different architectural and interior designs.

Homify lets you save your favorite designs while opening you up to a work of trendy home designs. Besides DIYers, the app is useful to home decorators, interior designers, as well as architect an anyone working in design.

IKEA Store

How many items have you bought from IKEA? Well, you thanks to their recent adoption of AR technology, and with this app, you can explore a wide variety of house stuff without breaking the bank. Despite having stores everywhere, this app is an extension of their store. You can shop for stuff after viewing their inventory, and you can also keep a wish list. It also stores your loyalty card for fast access.


As you think about how much you need to change your home, have Pinterest by your side. Pinterest is, by far, the wildcard of home design apps, and the best home improvement app.

It contains a ridiculous number of ideas on home improvement. The endless DIY home improvement tips and ideas, the furniture ideas, and architectural stuff ensure that you make your home a masterpiece. You also need Pinterest for ideas on home accessories. Oh, it has endless uncanny recipes, fashion ideas, and so much more.


Looking for expert help, ideas and home improvement guides, give Houzz a chance. It boasts a vast collection of photos which you need for inspiration. You can save photos for future use.

But, what makes Houzz unique is its sketch feature that lets you draw and annotate the photos with your unique ideas. You can also buy products. is more like Amazon except that it has construction stuff. It has tools and supplies for sale. So, you could think of it as a shopping app. But, its niftiness comes from the feature that lets you consult project advisers on different things.


If you ever need to learn something new, go to YouTube. It is an excellent resource for DIY projects on home improvement and interior design. You could use the tutorials to learn about interior design, or you could find videos on repairing and building things.

Other invaluable apps include Photo Measures, iHandy Carpenter, or the Tap Painter.