Lanturn Moon and its Uses in Homes and Nursery

Perhaps not many people are aware of the existence of Lanturn moon. However, as an interior design enthusiast and a mother, you will definitely benefit from this latest invention – more so those who have a little baby. Yes, the use of numerous types of fixture throughout the house is not a new concept. But more often than not, we disregard the need for it in favor of being more economic. As long as we have ceiling lights and a lamp with its shade, then we are good to go.

However, the moment your child is brought into this world, a few adjustments have to be made. One of the things that we were not prepared for was the need for a safe night light for our baby; and that is not it, being someone who is very particular about the decorations, we also want a source of light that is as functional as it is beautiful. Surely there is an alternative to fit in both requirements, right? Preferrably night lights that is a perfect fit for the nursery, something other than classic lamp and shade.

Frankly, what is better than a giant moon shaped night light lantern? It does not matter which interior you decide for your nursery, Moonly luna lamps have a versatile design that can be matched with any type of interior and existing decor. It does not matter if it is a nursery for your son or daughter, when they get slightly older they will definitely get excited over the fact they have a realistic looking moon inside their room! Before we go into the more specific information on Moonly, below is a list of its practical uses:

  • It illuminates the room without having to keep your little one awakes the whole time, which means changing diapers would no longer disrupt their sleep as it can be done without having to turn on the primary source of light – which is typically the ceiling light.
  • It allows parents to check in on their little ones at night without risking waking them up.
  • It helps your little one easily finding their teddy bear and other favorite bed time comforter in the dark should they wake up in the middle of the night looking for comfort.
  • It helps children who are scared of darkness, yet unable to sleep with the lights on.

Its functionality is not only restricted to the aforementioned examples, however. Simply because Moonly is capable of providing customers with a list of incredible features and incorporating it into its state of the art luna lamp construction. As opposed to its counterparts’ suggestion to come up with a fiberglass material, Moonly came up with an innovation resulting in an incredibly lightweight yet more durable end product. The best of all is perhaps the fact that it’s lightweight does not at all affect its quality.

Not only is it heat resistant, it is also cold and crack resistant. Quite the contrary, the Moonly luna lamps are more than meets the eye. Made using the latest modern technology, with the premium quality polymer material, the lamps can be used for 12 hours in just a single charge!