Top things to know about industrial adhesives

Adhesives – products that some people simply know as glue – stick things together; more scientifically, they bond surfaces securely together. Many industries depend on adhesives for the smooth production of goods, with each industry having specific needs depending on the materials they deal with. Effective adhesives have a number of qualities in common, such as being easy to use, light and extremely strong in structure, and very versatile.

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Going green

An important trend in many industries is using sustainable methods to conserve resources and to produce goods in a way that does not damage or pollute the environment. This means using adhesives that are formulated from environmentally-friendly ingredients and contain no toxins. An article in the Guardian provides inspiration on how green, eco-friendly initiatives can have a positive effect on quality, productivity and companies working with local communities.

Using eco-friendly adhesives is a policy that can be shared with your clients, which will probably win their wholehearted approval along with their loyal custom. There may also be penalties for using adhesives that do not meet environmental standards and are a source of pollution or toxicity.

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Other aspects to consider

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when selecting adhesives for your industry. Firstly, the right adhesive can reduce the use of mechanical fasteners, which could streamline your processes and save you money. It is obviously important to select the type of adhesive that will be the best match for your processes. There are many types of adhesives, ranging from instant adhesives or cyanoacrylates to UV curing adhesives, hot melt adhesives that set fast, industrial tapes and epoxies. Some bonds are permanent, while others are removable. Adhesives can be dispensed in a number of ways, including semi-automatic systems, squeezable bottles and equipment for UV curing.

Professionals in the adhesive industry can give advice on the best products to use in your individual circumstances. If you want to find out more about the potential of metal bonding adhesives, experts such as can provide help and advice, including compliance with environmental standards

Modern adhesives benefit from the vast technological developments of recent years. Harness the full power of adhesives in refining industrial procedures by ensuring you have the right adhesive for the job.