5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things you do but there are some mistakes you can avoid to reduce the likelihood of your moving day turning into a living nightmare of disorganisation and frustration. Lets take a look at 5 of the most common moving day mistakes to avoid.

Not Having A Packing Strategy

When it comes to packing you can never be tooorganised. Even the most OCD of movers will struggle to have everything under control and get their belongings packed up and ready to go without losing at least a couple of days in the process. If you dont have a coherent packing strategy to follow then you are setting yourself up for chaos during both the packing and unpacking stages of the move.

The best way to take on the task of packing for a move is to set out a schedule for each day you have in the lead up to your moving day. So, you may have a day dedicated to packing up all of your clothes, another day dedicated to packing all of your kitchen appliances etc. This way you can tick off each category as you go and it will also give you a better idea of how much you can get done in one day.

Poor Time Management

One of the most common mistakes house-movers make is to leave everything to the last minute and underestimate the time it actually takes to move all of your possessions from one property to another. Your house will need to be stripped bare and this isnt something that should be attempted in one day.

One tip to live by is to have all of your packing (or at least the vast majority), done before your moving day. Leaving a lot of packing to be done before the removal van arrives will just add even more stress to what will inevitably be a stress filled day.

Not Labeling Boxes

This one’s pretty obvious but it’s an all too commonly made mistake. Not labelling your boxes is a recipe for disaster as it only adds more time to the entire process. You should either label your boxes by categories i.e. books, cd’s, glassware etc. or by room so that you can then unpack and store them away in the right place when you get to the new house. Don’t forget to add fragile to the boxes that contain items that could be easily damaged during the move.

Not Taking Care Of Valuables

Some items will require extra care so placing them in a box wont be enough to guarantee they make it to their new location in one piece. If you are packing valuables or items made of glass or any other fragile materials then you should wrap them in thick bubble wrap and ensure that they are taped up to keep them from moving too much during transport.

Assuming Furniture Will Fit

Its a good idea to the make a note of the measurements of the doors, stairs and hallways in your new house to ensure that you can fit your furniture through. A lot of movers mistakenly assume that their furniture will fit through the doors of their new home because it fitted in their old one but the shapes and sizes of doors and hallways differ from house to house. Save yourself some grief and do your measuring before moving day otherwise your sofa could be left on the front lawn!

Author Bio: Stuart Cooke is the Marketing Manager at SpecifiedBy, builders merchants providing advice for homeowners and movers around the UK.