SKYRC B6AC: The Best On-Budget Battery Accessory

If there is one similar thought crossing our collective minds when we are scouring this Battery Accessories page, it must be how difficult and overwhelming the task of choosing the right battery that is suitable for our needs. When we are looking for an accessory for our radio controlled toys, we are faced with an extensive list of selections – the same applies for batteries as well. To us, a battery is a battery. The right one is the one that works. So when someone brings up about the dangers of a few types of batteries, we cannot help but wonder if all this time we have been too careless. This new findings force us to double check our priorities, and after a long period of thinking we narrow down our preferences to a simple, balanced, safe and easy to use LiPo battery.

If in the past we could be so careless by opting for questionable batteries or even used batteries, this time we insist on getting a genuine LiPo battery for safety reasons. But much to our surprise, they are far from cheap. Finding a high quality LiPo battery is already a difficult task, adding affordability to the list will make the task seem impossible to do. While we understand the frustration, we can assure you that finding a high-quality, easy to use, yet affordable LiPo battery does not have to be difficult nor does it have to be frustrating.

Take this incredible SKYRC B6AC V2 LiPo battery, for instance. This battery comes with a capability to handle any Lithium Poly/Ion battery of up to 6 cells. Not only that, it is also capable of properly handling any nickel battery of up to 15 cells as well as adequately leading any acid battery ranging from 2V to 20V. The SKYRC battery comes with a total power of 50-watts and also 2-amp max discharge currents as well as 6-amp max charge currents. In terms of built, it comes with a premium quality housing made of pure aluminium that does not only give it a simplistic yet attractive look, but also gives a pleasant and solid feel. The intuitively and strategically placed menus and buttons is another thing that makes it a perfect choice – not only are they incredibly easy to navigate, they are also equipped with a sort of feedback for when they are pressed. Best of all? This battery’s a multiple power sourced charge, allowing you to operate it on both of its AC and DC currents simultaneously.