How To Inspect For And Repair Air Leaks On Your Windows and Doors in Mississauga

As a home or business owner in Mississauga, you want to ensure that your home is safe and secure. This includes regular inspection of your windows and doors Mississauga to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Over time, windows and doors require repair and upkeep to keep them working properly and securely.

Due to harsh weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear, your windows and doors Mississauga will need regular care and maintenance. If you want your windows and doors to last for many years, take heed to the following tips on how to inspect for damage and make any necessary repairs.

1. Inspect your window panes for cracks and check to see if your doors have any large breaks. If you notice breaks or cracks in either your energy doors or windows, they may need to be replaced. You should consider energy efficient replacement windows and doors for your Mississauga area home.

2. Examine your windows and doors Mississauga for any large gaps that may allow for air leakage. These tend to occur when the caulking has been damaged, the window pain is crumbled or the structure itself has rotted. As well, the locks may not function properly due to bending and jams. Sunlight entering beneath an exterior door is a good sign of air leakage.

3. To find more advanced air leaks, you should do an air pressure examination. Lock your windows and doors and close all of your vents. Next, turn on your exhaust fans. Then pass a burning incense stick across all of the on openings of your doors and windows. The presence of fumes will help you identify any air leaks.

4. You should also shake your windows and doors for any rattling noises. This would indicate that there is too much room between the door/window and frame. This issue can be simply resolved by applying weather stripping or caulking on the frame.

5. Lastly, you should inspect your locks as air can also leak in through the lock itself. If the locks or your doors are jamming, you may need to tighten the knobs. As well, a problem with your lock could indicate that the door is loose from its frame. This can easily be resolved with weather stripping. If you notice that the crank is loose on your casement windows, you double-hung windows don’t shut properly or your top locks don’t fully latch, you may to tighten the lock. If this doesn’t work, again try weather stripping or caulking. If the problem still persists, contact your window company.

Regular maintenance of your windows and doors Mississauga can prevent problems down the line. Inspect your windows frequent and repair any damages.