FQ777 FQ17W Mini Wi-Fi FPV Drone

Are you a drove lover? How many drones you have collected? What is your favorite one? If you are looking for the newest most have drone, then the answer is the FQ777 FQ17W Mini Wi-Fi FPV Drone. Spare some minutes of your time to read the details below, and we ensure you that you would want to have it soon.

General information of the Mini Wi-Fi FPV Drone

This mini drone is having a unique feature that makes it as a foldable pocket drone you must have. It completed with 6 Axis gyro also the altitude hold that makes the function more perfect. What does it imply? When you leave go of your throttle stick, it would not fly upward. Since it has Wi-Fi as other feature, you could connect it to the APP to take pictures or even make videos. For other needs, if you are looking for multicopter accessories, we suggest you to take the ABS protective Cover Hood.

The features of the Mini Wi-Fi FPV Drone

1. This drone has a foldable arm. It comes in small size that makes it very easy to carry around.

2. It has accelerator mode that allows you to control the speed easily.

3. You could make aerial show by using this drone as well since it has 3D flips feature completed with astonishing agility.

4. If you often experienced some problems such as losing orientation pilots, you would not have it when you fly this drone. It has an amazing headless model that would solve such problem.

5. You could control this drone by using one key to take off to or make a landing. Since it has more convenient and quick responds, a beginner would not find difficulties in flying this drone.

6. You are not limited to fly it in the daytime only. This drone completed with LED lights that allow you to enjoy flying it in the night.

7. This drone could perform a stable flight as well since it has built in barometer using the altitude hold feature.

More specifications of the Mini Wi-Fi FPV Drone

1. The camera of this drone is 0.3 MP.

2. You could fly this drone for 6 until 8 minutes if you charge the battery in full capacity, for about 40 minutes.

3. You will have a good control as long as you are not more than 50m long from this drone.