Top Advice on Aftercare for Your Special Granite Worktop

Granite is a great stone and it’s no wonder so many people choose to use it for their favourite worktops – whether it’s in the kitchen or in the bathroom, or any other area in the house. It’s a natural stone and lends the worktop an elegance and beauty that transcends time and fashion. Granite works, and it works wonderfully.

However, there are some things to keep in mind after you have finally installed that elegant worktop. Granite is a great material but it does require some special care. Ever wonder how to make sure your worktop stays as stunning as when you just had it installed? Here’s the top advice on aftercare for your special granite worktop.

Application of heat

Like all materials, granite will expand if heat is applied to it. With granite, the expansion is minimal; however, it can do some damage if the heat is intense. For this reason, designers of worktops should allow for linear expansion in order to avoid cracks and breaking. Furthermore, some worktops may discolour if direct heat is applied, so avoid placing hot objects directly on the granite surface.


Granite is composed of chips of various sizes and different minerals, which makes it dangerous to apply hard, brute force on the worktop. Though granite is extremely strong, avoid blunt or sharp force and avoid any extreme weights.


You’ll often hear that granite is resistant to scratches – and that’s true, relatively speaking (compared to other materials). However, granite is not infallible (especially not if it has been heated or exposed to some corrosive material). There is still wear and tear to consider, so avoid sharp objects and use the cutting board rather than the granite surface itself.

Avoiding stains

The key here is porousness. This means that certain liquids can be absorbed by the stone and leave a permanent mark. Think of blots and stains left by tea bags, acidic substances (lemon juice or vinegar, for example), as well as red wine or household chemicals. Placing hot objects can also discolour the material and leave permanent stains.

It’s very important that your granite worktops are properly installed – so make sure you have professional people take care of that, as the experts on granite worktops London, J.R Stone, will attest. All joints should be properly sealed, so as to make sure no gaps or little cracks are open to liquids or vapours entering the cracks. The granite should be polished with an anti-stain solution; check with your manufacturer to see which is best for you and your worktop. As always, regular maintenance goes a long way, so take some time on a regular basis to take care of that beautiful piece of stone. If you’re doing it right, it’ll give you decades of pleasure to come.