Killing Mosquitoes Naturally

Mosquitoes have been linked to multiple dangerous diseases, such as chikungunya, dengue and malaria. It’s no wonder that these pesky little insects are considered a scourge of the earth and that many of us turn to chemical agents to eliminate them. However, an increasing number of people throughout the United States are becoming allergic to these chemicals and some of the insecticides are just plain harmful to humans and the environment. If you have been trying to find a natural way to get rid of the mosquitoes that haunt your home, read on for several natural ways to keep your home free of the pests.

Lemon oil is an effective indoor insect repellent. The Center for Disease Control actually recommends that this product be used as an indoor tool for eliminating mosquitoes. Mixing lemon oil and eucalyptus oil has been proven to be extremely effective at repelling these bugs. In order to effectively use this mix as an insect repellent, mix equal parts of eucalyptus and lemon oil and spray it on either your body or your walls.

Neem oil is another natural oil that is great at killing mosquitoes. The American Mosquito Control Association has found that mixing equal parts of coconut oil and neem oil will effectively keep mosquitoes away from any surface that the mix is applied to. Using this mix will almost certainly keep mosquitoes off your skin for a minimum of eight hours.

Camphor is a tried and true mosquito repellent. It’s easy to find and has been shown to have the greatest impact on mosquito populations in comparison to other natural repellants. A great way to use camphor is to light it in a room and close all of the windows and doors. Leave the room in this state for approximately 20 minutes and you will find that all the mosquitoes have perished a miserable death.

Garlic is another great way to kill mosquitoes. You might not like the smell, but rest assured, mosquitoes like it even less than you do. Crushing several pods of garlic in a pot of boiling water and then spraying that water on the walls works wonders in keeping your home free of the pests. If you are really sick of the bugs, you can spray it on your skin and the nasty creatures will steer clear off you and seek other targets.

Tea tree oil smells wonderful and is effective at keeping mosquitoes from biting you. Just rub some of the straight oil on your skin or put it in a vaporizer and you will discover that you are no longer being bitten and that the mosquitoes that set up camp in your home are either gone or dead.

If you would rather get professional help, don’t hesitate to contact the Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach!