How to Brilliantly Display Your Accessories in the Home

When it comes to our homes, we tend to buy items such as accessories without much thought to where they will actually be placed. This often results in a cluttered-looking home environment, which does not please the eye or contribute to a feeling of cosiness or relaxation at all. If you simply love your accessories but are not quite sure how to display them in the proper way, then this one’s for you: here’s how to brilliantly display your accessories in your home.

Displaying on a side table

Most living areas will have side tables placed beside the sofa or armchairs. But if you are wondering how to properly decorate your side table, think of a few key items. Don’t overload your side table with a bevy of items – a few pieces will usually do. For more visual impact and interest, vary the shape and size of the items. A table lamp combined with two or three paperweights and a small vase or pot of flowers can work wonders.

Use variety in scale and height

Most of us tend to display items in a kind of even, straight manner. For instance, if you have a console table or display table or mantelpiece, chances are, you would display items of a similar height and width on it. But if you want to have a more eye-catching and eye-pleasing arrangement, go for a bit of variety when it comes to height and scale. If you have a lamp on a console table, for example, pair it with a smaller vase or glass jar, or even a small tray filled with a teapot collection or smaller bric-a-brac. Add the illusion of height with a mirror right behind the console table, and the eye of the viewer will naturally travel from the higher-placed item to the smaller, lower-placed items.

Similar items together

One way to display certain decorative items such as picture frames and vintage homeware is to group similar items together. If you have a mantelpiece or a console table, why not line up two or three picture frames or homeware such as candle sticks on the table or mantelpiece’s top and display them as one cohesive piece? You can add more interest with a few smaller items, such as a small paperweight or a glass vase placed strategically to one side.

Maximise contrast

If you want to have a striking yet attractive display, place two items that look different together. A contrast of light and dark is a great idea. If you have a shelf for displaying plates or frames, paint it a dark (or even black) colour. Then display lighter-coloured items on it, such as light-coloured plates or frames. Add a hint of green with a small vase of flowers or a potted plant placed on the shelf or armoire’s top or middle portion.