Ramp up Your Outdoor Space

Do you long for evenings and afternoons in the privacy of your own backyard? Is your outdoor space neglected and uninviting?  Take these recommendations from professional landscapers and turn your backyard into your own slice of heaven. It doesn’t demand a huge budget to create a welcoming oasis. Plan to spend a few weekends of work and several trips to the local home improvement store and you’ll be enjoying using your Groupon coupons to enjoy discounts on JR Cigar purchases with your buddies in no time.

Evaluate the size of the outdoor space available. Set a budget. Whether you have decking or pavers, close proximity to the kitchen will make outdoor dining and entertaining a breeze.  Repair and re-stain the decking as needed and ensure that all railings are secure for safety purposes. Pavers should be secured and replaced where necessary. For evening enjoyment and entertainment, update or install lighting fixtures. This can be as simple as hanging several strings of lights or installing hard wired light fixtures.

Just about everything tastes better when eaten outside.  Invest in an outdoor dining set and grill for al fresco dining and entertaining. Depending on the size of your space, couches and additional seating would always be welcome. A large market umbrella will tie the space together and provide protection from the harsh sun rays.

Finally, develop a landscaping plan to define the outdoor space. Fast growing shrubbery around the perimeter will provide a visual barrier as well as welcome color. Invest in several large planters for seasonal flowers. Two or three large planters will be easier to maintain than an abundance of smaller pots.  Designate one of the planters for an outdoor kitchen garden for popular kitchen herbs. It will also add a nice aroma to the space.

With a few weekends and a small budget you’ve created a welcoming outdoor space for family and friends to enjoy as weather permits. You’ll spend many evenings creating memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your personal backyard oasis!