Reasons to Use Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Versus Rooftop Solar Panels
Homeowners usually choose rooftop verses ground mounted solar panels. However, there are several reasons ground mounted systems are preferable. Overall, both rooftop and ground panels cost the same per watt. On the other hand, some properties aren’t set up as well for rooftop panels.

Rooftop arrays will always take on the look of the roof that rest on. So, there is not much control over the angle and direction. They also need to be built around chimneys and skylights. These factors can make the array less productive.

For homes that use a lot of electricity, the roof may not be large enough for an array that will produce all the electricity you need. Ground mounted solar systems can be sized and configured in any way needed with few space restrictions.

Types of Ground Mounted Solar Systems
There are two basic types ofground mounted arrays. Standard systems have a metal framing that holds the solar panels at the desired angle. Some systems can be adjusted for maximum impact each season for maximum exposure to the sun.

Poles support multiple panels on a single pole that lifts the panels higher off the ground than standard ground mounts. This makes installation and adjustment easier. Pole mounts usually have tracking systems that tilt the panels to capture the most sunlight.

These systems can increase productivity by 25 percent. Single-axis tracking systems adjust and move with the sun as it travels across the sky during the day. Dual-axis tracking systems also adjust for seasonal variation.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Can be Used on All Home Types
Even if your home is a good candidate for a rooftop system, there are many benefits to ground mounted solar panel systems Loomis CA.
First, ground mounted systems are easy to position since they are installed on open land. No drilling is required into the roof, and ground bracing is lightweight and easy to disassemble.

Second, a ground mounted panels are more efficient per panel than a rooftop array. Ground panels can be placed and angled as need to optimize energy production. Since you can generate more electricity than a similar rooftop system, you will save more money over time.

Finally, ground mounted solar panels are much easier to maintain and clean, since you don’t have to climb the roof to get to them. This is a major benefit in areas with severe winter weather, where you can sweep off the panels more easily than shoveling out the driveway.

Most installers offer a ground or roof installation at comparable prices. Poles and tracking systems can cost more upfront, but you get that back in energy savings over time. You should compare all options and choose the one that makes the most sense for your home and family. One drawback of ground mounted panels is that they do not work for homes with little or no empty land. In any case, solar panels are better for the planet, no matter which type you choose.