Nurturing a Healthy Yard

Our lawns and trees require a certain amount of TLC from time to time. A smart homeowner will go that extra mile to deliver that TLC in order to nurture a healthy yard. Every yard longs to be well hydrated, cut at just the right length, and fed a healthy serving of fertilizer and weed killers.

Let It Rain
Your yard is thirsty for the type of hydration that runs deep enough to get it’s root’s wet. The trees want to feel the moisture too, just as the grass and the flowers do. If rain is in the forecast, let it do all the watering for you. However, if rain is not in the forecast, skip the sprinkler and let your hose saturate your lawn. Less frequent soakings are far more effective than using a sprinkler that will only saturate the top layer of the lawn. Give your lawn and trees the type of moisture that will greatly hydrate the roots and help them to grow deeper. A good soak should penetrate four to five inches below the surface.

Cut, Feed, and Breathe
Help your lawn to develop deep roots by cutting no more than a third of your grass at a time and leave the clippings on the lawn. This practice allows grass clippings to decompose quickly depositing nitrogen into the soil. Timing is everything when it comes to killing weeds and fertilizing your yard. The summer and early spring are the best times for using weed killer on your lawn. Fertilizer is more effective when applied in the early spring.
Your lawn needs to breathe. It needs oxygen, water, and nutrients. This is where the practice of aerating becomes hugely effective. Removing a few plugs in your lawn will allow roots to expand, open more room for your lawn to receive oxygen, and allow water to penetrate the soil more effectively.

Call a Professional
There are times when even the best efforts to cultivate a beautiful healthy yard are unsuccessful. In these moments, getting the help of a professional is generally a good idea. If you have trees that fail to thrive no matter what you do you need professional tree services Atlanta GA. The same can be said about other stubborn problems with your lawn that simply don’t improve despite your most valiant efforts. Getting the help of a specialist generally means that you will get the assistance you’ve been looking for and probably learn a lot in the process.

Generally speaking, there are specific things that you can do to cultivate a more beautiful and healthy lawn. From deep watering to the strategic application of weed killers and fertilizer, these methods help your lawn and the plants and trees to grow and thrive. Go a step further and aerate your lawn and you’re giving it much needed oxygen and space to expand and grow. To handle stubborn problems that you can’t seem to kick, call a professional. Your lawn and trees will get the much-needed tweak that they need to thrive.