Guide to Choosing the Ideal Shower Cubicle

People purchase a shower cubicle nowadays not only for its function but for aesthetics as well. These cubicles come in varying sizes, materials, and designs so it’s not difficult to find one that matches your taste, as well as your bathroom space. Many homeowners are going for this trend today because shower cubicles are convenient, quick to install, appealing and space saving. If you’re planning to get a shower cubicle for your bathroom, here’s your guide to choosing the best one.

Determine Where You’ll Place It
This is one of the first things that you need to do as this will also determine the size of the shower cubicle that you need to purchase. These cabins are placed in the corner of the bathroom, but depending on your space, you may choose one that has a curved front or one that’s square shaped. Make sure that water drain and pipes are ready so that installation will be faster and it will be ready to use.

Choose the Door Type
Another thing to take into consideration when choosing shower cabins or cubicles is the style of the door. A hinge door is one of the most common styles. With one side of the door secured by hinges, the door opens outwards, which means that space is needed in front of the cubicle. A sliding door is ideal for tight areas as it slides to one side not using any space in front of the cabin. Another space saver is a bi-fold door. Instead of sliding, it folds to the other side, making it a good option for small bathrooms.

Select the Glass Type
Clear glass is no longer your only option for shower cabins. There are more choices nowadays, thus letting you find a style that fits your taste. Your choices include matte, tinted and patterned glass. These are also ideal for those who prefer to have privacy when taking a shower.

Determine the Base Material
Another important consideration is the material used for its base. Steel bases can last for a long time, but they may cause noise when the shower is used. Cast iron is also durable, but since it doesn’t heat quickly, you may need to have the hot water running for a few minutes to keep the temperature warm. Acrylic offers convenience when it comes to cleaning, but it is not as durable. Ceramic bases on the other hand offer stability, but they could break easily.

Just like with any other furniture at home, shower cubicles also come with varying prices. Look around and compare your options to ensure that you are getting the style and features that you want at the most affordable cost.