Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is acting up again, you may be wondering if you should repair or replace it. While the cost of repairing an air conditioner may be expensive, the cost of purchasing a new one may be several thousand dollars. But at some point, repairing becomes too costly and it’s better to replace it.

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?
One sure sign that it’s time for replacing your air conditioner has to do with age. While AC maintenance Cape Coral FL may extend the life of your air conditioner, chances are you would do better with a newer unit if your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, according to You can save up to 20 percent in energy costs if you go with a newer unit.

You Don’t Have a Programmable Thermostat
If you don’t have a programmable thermostat with your current air conditioner, it is definitely time for a new air conditioner. The reason why is simple. You can save more with a programmable thermostat than without one – and older units did not come with programmable thermostates the way that newer units do. So, you can program the thermostat to keep your home warmer when you’re not at home, thus saving on energy bills. It can then cool the home before you get home, so your home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Your Repair Bills are Astronomical
Nobody likes high repair bills, but some repairs require that. If you’re being faced with expensive repair bills, you need to consider whether an energy efficient, newer air conditioner makes more sense. Only you can determine it, but a repair bill of more than a thousand dollars may warrant looking into a new air conditioner.

Some Rooms are too Cold or too Warm
Improper equipment or an air conditioner that malfunctions may be causing your rooms to be too cold in some areas and too hot in others. That may warrant a new air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner is Noisy
If your air conditioner makes a racket, the indoor coil may be to blame. That means it’s time to purchase a new air conditioner. Either that or your ducts are improperly sized for the unit you are using. Either way, look into possible new alternatives to your current air conditioner.

Your Energy Bills are Going Higher
If your energy bills are skyrocketing, chances are you have your old air conditioner to blame. Replacing it with a newer model will help save you money and reduce your energy usage.

Your Home is too Humid or too Dry
Your air conditioner should keep you comfortable, not clammy or feeling parched. If the air conditioner is doing something it shouldn’t such as making your home too humid or too dry, it is time for a new air conditioner.

Repairing your air conditioner is often a good option when you have problems with your air conditioner; however, keep these tips in mind when you consider whether to repair or replace.