What are the best flooring types for your utility room?

Utility room floors have to work extra hard. There is often a range of appliances in the utility room, such as the washing machine and tumble dryer, and this is also the room where people hang dripping wet raincoats in winter and beach towels in summer. If your utility room can be used as a secondary house entrance, then that’s where all the mud from outside is going to accumulate. It’s also where the dog will do its best to transfer all of the mud it has brought in, onto your floor.

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It’s not surprising then that nearly everybody chooses vinyl flooring for their utility room. It’s easy to clean and it will take a lot of punishment from family and pets. Furthermore, with a dry mop, you can soak up any water on the floor caused by dripping coats, umbrellas or wet dogs.

Stylish utility rooms

You can make a utility room as stylish as the rest of the house by choosing the right vinyl. Vinyl used to look like – well, vinyl. Not any more. The amazing range of finishes can make your floor look as though it is made of wood, tiles, or mosaic. The effect is only limited by your imagination.

If interior design isn’t really your thing and you’re confused by the amount of choice, go and look through the photos on an interior design site, such as HOUZZ. It’s much easier to see what works with your kind of utility room fittings, when you can see examples of finishes and colours.

When it comes to buying vinyl flooring, choose a supplier with a good range, keen prices and the ability to give you some advice on your particular utility room floor, such as UK Flooring Direct (http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/vinyl-flooring).

When cleaning your utility room floor, try not to get water underneath the vinyl. Keep the mop slightly drier at the edges of the floor.

Non-slip – safer for children and pets

Utility rooms are places where children and others may take off their outdoor shoes and cross the room wearing socks. Make sure that if this is the case, you choose a non-slip vinyl. The same goes for your dog – dogs tend to skate around on highly polished surfaces, so Fido will also be grateful for a non-slip vinyl.