Review, Ride, Repeat

Year after year we are exposed to a whole new set of challenges when picking out snowboarding gear. The technology is advancing so quickly that the new products for the current season make the last nearly obsolete. This makes choosing new gear a daunting task. Getting caught up in every last detail that is scattered all over the web is very unproductive.

That’s why you can count on YoMamma! to break everything down in a clear, compact and concise review. We have a review chart that takes all the necessary information and assembles it in one convenient place. This chart also features a “skill meter” that easily let’s you know what skill or experience level you should be at to ride a particular snowboard. This way you don’t waste your time buying a board you will fight all season because it doesn’t suit your abilities or riding style.

Our goal is for you to spend less time picking out your gear, and more time on the mountain. Now choose your gear and get going! Review, Ride, Repeat!